Bradley and Nikki Bozeman’s charitable journey began at The University of Alabama. Bradley, center for ‘Bama’s storied football team and Nikki, woman’s basketball center, were both bullied as kids and wanted to make a difference. Together, Bradley and Nikki traveled the state visiting elementary through high school students to talk about the dangers of bullying and the importance of accepting difference in others. Bradley was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2018 and with Nikki, set to work strengthening communities in their new hometown, one school visit at a time.

An alliance with State Senator Bobby Zirkin, himself a champion of social justice causes and author of Grace’s Law 2.0, the most forward-thinking youth-centered anti-bullying legislation in the country and was the catalyst for The Bozeman Foundation’s cross-country campaign to tackle bullying. With the support of charitable partners and in an RV donated by Good Sam and Camping World, Bradley and Nikki set out on a mission to stamp out bullying behaviors. From Baltimore to California, Bradley and Nikki hosted in-school anti-bullying and tolerance pep rallies.

The Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization committed to strengthening communities through a variety of community initiatives that include youth engagement, food security, and education equality.


The Covid-19 public health crisis exposed critical needs in communities in Baltimore and across the country. In response to the emergency need, The Bozeman Foundation established the Supporting your Neighbors and Community™ Program, or SYNC™, which combines the many and varied talents found among the regions civic, religious, and business leaders with like-minded non-profit organizations to create sustained community initiatives.