SYNC™ Food Security Hub

The couple through their website portal, designed for kids to reach out needing help or advice or just to talk, were getting messages from kids within Baltimore City who did not have any food because of the school closures. Bradley and Nikki knew they had to act fast and started to call local legislators, teachers, and prominent people within the Baltimore community. They quickly formed a panel who helped guide and educate them on the scary reality of food insecurity that was plaguing their city. Bradley and Nikki got right to work calling local grocery stores and supply chains but much like the rest of the world found out, there was no extra supplies anywhere. The couple decided to purchase food from their local retailer and package the food themselves. They decided to host a family food drive each Tuesday at 1pm which would supply the families with around 25-30 pounds of food ranging from milk and eggs to fresh produce and supplies for spaghetti and Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! They both went into the heart of the city with the help of the local police department who secured a perimeter for them to set up in one of the hardest hit areas in Baltimore. On the morning of the first food drive the couple was worried that not a lot of families would show up because they did not advertise the event other than getting the local church to make an announcement. To their surprise when they pulled up at 11am to set up for the distribution at 1pm there were already close to 100 vehicles in line. They knew this was something that was so needed within this community. Over the course of about 15 months the couple distributed close to 2 MILLION meals to feed the families of Baltimore