The Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation, Inc. is a vehicle through which Bradley Bozeman and Nikki Hegstetter-Bozeman are able to advance their charitable endeavors – the elimination of childhood bullying, promotion of empathy and compassion, tolerance and acceptance through student engagement, education, and grass-roots community initiatives.

Bradley and Nikki met at the University of Alabama – both NCAA Division I starting athletic centers in their respective sports – Bradley a team captain and starting center of the National Championship Crimson Tide Football Team and Nikki a team captain and starting center the Tide’s women’s basketball program. Together Bradley and Nikki excelled in the classroom, on the court, and on the field – each reaching the pinnacle of collegiate athletic and academic success – national championships, bachelors degrees, masters degrees and for Nikki, magna cum laude graduate school honors – culminating in the 2018 NFL Draft where Bradley was selected by the Baltimore Ravens, an event that has served as a platform from which Bradley and Nikki resolved together to promote social change.

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